Success Stories - At a dead end……

Kamarul* was dejected once again. The feeling of worthlessness did not seem to fade away. It did not make sense to Kamarul that within a span of 6 years, he had lost 6 jobs. It was hard to comprehend such fate. Kamarul could not believe that on average he was losing one job a year and wondered if others out there were stuck with his unfortunate luck. Kamarul's ill-fated luck first started with the economic crisis. He did not have a plan for emergencies and never once kept money away for security. Kamarul felt that no one really thinks about saving for a rainy day, not when there seemed to be nothing but blue skies ahead. When Kamarul thought about how the only job he really managed to secure paid RM600 on a good month, he began to wonder how he supported his family and ailing mother all these years. 

Kamarul did seek a lot of financial support from his relatives and friends and distinctively remembers how he hated pleading for money. Unfortunately, he did not have any choice. Oftentimes the help was not enough, and when he finally got tired of begging, Kamarul used credit cards as a means for more buying power. The cards gave him so much convenience. With the cards Kamarul was able to buy almost anything he wanted. They gave him security. They provided food on his plate, but most of all, he could stop asking family and friends for petty ringgit. 

The bank kept increasing his credit limit and that was good news to him. His original credit limit of RM20,000 from 6 different cards ballooned into a whopping sum of RM245,000 over the years. He was under the false impression that all he had to do was pay the minimum payments on the cards while the balance could be paid at a later date. How was Kamarul supposed to realise that the interest accumulated over time when he was too busy blowing his credit, spending on glitzy items he and his family never had. 

Kamarul was tired of being in debt and harassed by creditors. He was also tired of moving to 3 different houses in 2 short years all in attempt to avoid visits from debt collectors. Kamarul was worn out and simply wanted to be a better provider for his family. He sought harder for a well-paying career and finally secured a job with a stable income. Kamarul had a baby on the way and needed to build his life again for the sake of his unborn child. However, he had too much debt to secure a happy future. It was then that he decided to seek the help of AKPK. 

AKPK had managed to negotiate with the financers and came up with a restructured repayment plan which was affordable to him. Kamarul could not believe AKPK managed to do so much for his overbearing debts. He was amazed at how much relief the agency provided him. Getting out of debt was something Kamarul never thought was possible. He could now build his dreams without worrying about constant creditor harassments.