Investment Gone Wrong Can Rob Post-Moratorium Security

The compulsion to make more money is part of human nature and Jerry is not an exception.

His financial troubles started when he withdrew RM100,000 from his RM150,000 savings to launch a share market investment—without any experience in investments.

His belief was ‘if you want to make money fast, the share market is the place to be’. He worked hard in making his investment a fruitful one but his lack of knowledge showed in his choice of investment.

Jerry ended up using his start-up capital too quickly, and had to seek personal loans and credit cards from financial institutions to continue funding his investment. When neither of these financial instruments helped, he returned to his gambling habit with the hope that luck would be on his side.

As time passed, his debts increased and he started receiving endless calls from banks for repayments. As he could not afford the payments for all his loans, his mental health was affected—always worried when his mobile phone rang and even resorted to using a new number to avoid the calls.

He started staying away from everyone he was close to because he was embarrassed of the situation he was in. It then came to a point when all his colleagues knew that he was having trouble paying off a big debt, and that caused him more grief.

When one of his colleagues came to know about the situation, he advised him to approach AKPK for assistance. When Jerry walked into AKPK’s office, he was a broken man. The counsellor who attended to Jerry negotiated better interest rates for all the credit cards he owned, and managed to secure manageable repayment schemes based on Jerry’s income and cash flow. When Jerry heard of the good news, he was overjoyed. At last, he enjoyed peace of mind—affordable repayments and no more ‘harassing’ calls from debt collection companies for payments.

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