AKPK Helps to Improve Live and Livelihood of the Financially Distressed

Siti is a single mother of seven children between the ages of two to 19 years old. Five of her seven children are school-going while her eldest son has just completed Form Five.

Siti is the sole breadwinner of the family as her husband is an inmate in the Pengkalan Chepa prison due to his involvement in drugs. She has been struggling to make ends meet with a meager income of approximately RM700-RM800 per month from selling local traditional kuih door-to-door around the village in the mornings and selling pisang goreng and keropok at her roadside stall in the evenings.

When her husband was arrested and subsequently sentenced to prison, she was left not only with the wellbeing of her family to take care of but also with the burden of a housing loan with monthly instalment of RM500. The house is jointly owned with her husband. Due to the shift of financial burden (her husband supported the family before his arrest), the housing loan has not been paid for almost two years.

She tried starting another business from home capitalising on her tailoring skills but this was hampered by time constraints and insufficient working capital.

She spoke to her family about her issues and even went over the idea of selling her house and renting a room to house her big family in order to overcome her financial ordeal. Her father was saddened to hear this because that is Siti’s only property where her family lives. He did not want his daughter to be rendered homeless. After much discussion, he managed to persuade Siti to get counselling from AKPK first before deciding to sell the house.

When Siti sat down with a lady counsellor at AKPK, she started crying and poured her heart out. The counsellor listened carefully to Siti and soon after developed a monthly budget for her to live by. Next, the counsellor enrolled Siti into AKPK’s Debt Management Programme (DMP) to restructure her housing loan.

AKPK was able to negotiate with the financial institution concerned to have Siti’s housing loan payment schedule restructured and the instalment was lowered to an amount affordable to Siti. She was thankful for AKPK’s assistance and before she left the office, she hugged the counsellor who has sat with her and helped her go through this challenging episode of her life.

Apart from restructuring loan repayments, AKPK also helps individuals like Siti on restructuring financing repayments if they are SME owners as well as other livelihood support through a network of relevant agencies such as PERKESO, GIATMARA and MDEC, among others. Are you seeking such help, or do you know anyone who is too? Seek help early to avoid further financial stress. Call AKPK at 03-2616 7766.

AKPK, sahabat kewangan anda.